MMDAgent: Toolkit for building voice interaction systems

Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS

MMDAgent Creator Reference

MMDAgent Developer Reference

MMDAgent lecture slides

  • PPTX in Japanese (MMDAgent version 1.7)

Lecture slides for creating plug-in

Lecture slides for Android

English MMDAgent lecture slide

Overview of spoken dialogue system Part1

  • MP4 in Japanese (14:12)

Overview of spoken dialogue system Part2

  • MP4 in Japanese (12:05)

Preparations for MMDAgent

  • MP4 in Japanese (11:37, MMDAgent version 1.3.1)

Creation of spoken dialogue contents

  • MP4 in Japanese (7:06)

Editing FST

  • MP4 in Japanese (9:59)


  • MP4 in Japanese (8:13)


EFDE: Extended FST dialogue editor (ZIP)

MMDAgent EDIT: Speech dialogue content generation service ( in Japanese)

  • Acoustic model for speech synthesis
    • Japanese male voice for speech synthesis Htsvoice_kenji (ZIP)
  • PMD model
    • PMD male model Pmd_kenji (ZIP)
    • PMD female model Pmd_mai (ZIP)
    • PMD SD mei model Pmd_sdmei-plus (ZIP)
    • Support material of creating 3D human model (Japanese PDF)
  • Basic scripts for spoken dialogue contents
    • Pattern of spoken dialogue (ZIP)
    • Sample of spoken dialgoue (ZIP)